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Fertility Coaching

Offering you the support
systems necessary during
your IVF journey.


Fertility Coaching provides patients with in depth knowledge of what to expect, how the cycle will progress and the associated emotional states that you will experience as you proceed through your treatment cycle. The emotional journey is a very important aspect of your treatment cycle, at IVF London we incorporate this as an integral part of your treatment plan.

Coaching sessions will provide you with tools and strategies to assist you through the emotional journey, eliminate any limiting beliefs and give you a clear mindset.

When patients embark on an IVF program, they often feel quite isolated, confused and ashamed. One of the unfortunate effects of harbouring these negative emotions, is that they are normally not conducive to a healthy, stress free conception. In fact these negative emotions often fly in the face of the general well-being required to achieve pregnancy.

Coaching will provide an ideal circuit breaker to better understand these emotions and develop the skills to identify thought patterns and the techniques to eliminate negative emotions and disrupt habit loops.

Ultimately patients need to be in a healthy emotional and physical state in order to have the best chance of conceiving.


Counsellors work with the patient and will talk about issues in your life, typically with ‘why’ questions and the ‘reasons’ behind the problem and seek healing/resolution on those issues. The clinic will have regulatory reasons for the Counsellor to discuss treatment options with you especially when using donor gametes.

A Fertility Coach works with the client and will ask the questions of ‘what’, ‘what if’ or ‘how’, they are interested in your present situation and work with you to create a compelling future. They are focused on results and will help you discover the process which is preventing you achieving goals and objectives. This is achieved by removing past obstacles, negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

A Fertility Coach should have a strong background in Fertility treatment, specifically the Science – Embryology, Andrology, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Neuroscience and have modern coaching techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy ™ , Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy.


Understand that Coaching is a model of learning

Will assume the client is healthy

Will assume emotions are natural

Looks for the intention and purpose of emotions

Will offer techniques and encourage client to find out their own solutions

Will focus on outcomes

Will focus on process and actions

Will set tasking

Has an equal partnership with the client

Will discover the process preventing achievements/goals/objectives

Will introduce new ways of thinking

Will empower the client

Will support the client

Will help the client to understand the past

Will help the client create a new future

Will assist the client to see new ways of looking at things

Will identify the challenges

Provide coaching to move beyond challenges

Provide coaching to move beyond challenges

The client will be responsible to achieve the outcomes

Ideally will see you before you start your treatment and after each cycle

The client has direct control over the results

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