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IVF Lite

Our most affordable
IVF package

Introduction to IVF Lite?

The IVF Lite is our most affordable IVF package that includes scans, bloods and procedures. The IVF Lite is suitable for women who require mild stimulation at low doses.

Please read the page on mild IVF to give to give you a better understanding of the various aspects that make this treatment more favourable for many patients. Its cost effective feature is attractive for patients who wish to budget for an end to end care plan.

Who Is the IVF Care Package Aimed At?

IVF Lite is aimed at women who wish to combine mild stimulation IVF with a fresh embryo transfer. The criteria for IVF lite relies on women being under 37 years of age with a good ovarian reserve.  It is particularly attractive for women who wish to minimise the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation by considering a very mild approach of stimulation which also is more gentle on the side effects that hormonal stimulation may cause.

Your consultant will advise if they feel that Mild IVF is likely to provide you with the greatest chance of success based on your medical history. If male factor infertility is present, including low or poor quality semen, Mild IVF can also provide an opportunity to fertilise the woman’s eggs using an ICSI procedure to create embryos for transfer.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Age 37 or under
  • BMI under 30
  • Good Ovarian reserve (AFC and AMH)
  • First IVF/ICSI cycle

How Does the IVF Procedure Work?

As with a standard IVF procedure, you will undergo an egg collection, laboratory insemination with your partners (or donor) sperm to fertilise your eggs (or ICSI procedure if deemed appropriate), followed by close monitoring of your developing embryos before an embryo transfer. Any remaining embryos of suitable quality not used in treatment can be frozen and stored for future treatment.

What's Next After Undergoing IVF Treatment?

Once the embryo has been transferred into your uterus, you will be need to continue taking any drugs prescribed in your treatment and wait 12 days before taking a pregnancy test to see if your treatment has been successful. You can continue your day to day activities but we recommend you refrain from any strenuous physical exercise and rest if you feel you need to. The clinic will confirm your pregnancy with ultrasound scans and blood tests before discharging you back to your own GP for antenatal care.

What Are the Side-Effects and Risks of Mild IVF?

There are fewer side-effects and risks with Mild IVF than with a conventional cycle. This is because a lower dose of medication is used for a shorter amount of time and whilst this aims to prepare eggs for collection, we may only be able to retrieve 2 to 4 eggs for fertilization and there is an increased chance that no eggs can be retrieved at all. As much as the aim with a Mild stimulation cycle is to collect fewer eggs of better quality, this may not give a good quality selection of embryos and you may not have any remaining embryos to freeze.

What is Included in the ‘IVF Lite' package?

Your IVF Lite package is fully comprehensive that includes the following:

Treatment planning consultationIncluded
Injection teachingIncluded
Virology female + TSH + FBC+ RubellaIncluded
Virology maleIncluded
Monitoring bloodsIncluded
Ultrasound monitoringIncluded
Extended cultureIncluded
Fresh embryo transferIncluded
Clinical adviceIncluded
HFEA feeIncluded
Pregnancy blood testIncluded
Pregnancy scan/follow-up consultationIncluded
Out-of-hours nurse accessIncluded
Support counselling sessionIncluded

What is not included?

ICSI, Embryoscope, Embryo Freezing, PGS  or any Embryology Add On’s.

Frozen Embryo Transfer

Medications for Frozen Embryo Transfer

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