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YouTube Channel & Media Features

YouTube Channel

The day of your Embryo Transfer procedure

Breaking bad new after their IVF treatment has ended

Implications counselling for donor conception

Embryo selection using Artificial Intelligence

Embryo Warming

Inside the Lab - Embryo Scoring

Magazine and Newspaper Articles


Big Fat Negative Podcast

The Fertility Podcast

Let's Talk IVF Podcast

Fertility Foundations

Egg Collection and Embryo Transfer

TV, Radio & Magazines

Sky News

Sky News

Feature at Sky News about male fertility

This Morning Show

This Morning Show

At This Morning Show with Holy and Phil talking about Male Factor Infertility and running a live sperm health check on men.

Zee TV

Zee TV

At Zee TV talking about Fertility Preservation and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis.

Zee TV

Zee TV

At Zee TV speaking about IVF and Male Factor Infertility.

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