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Are children from frozen eggs healthy?

Are children from frozen eggs healthy? If you are considering freezing your eggs and having children later in life, you may be wondering if children from frozen eggs are healthy. In this blog post we talk about egg freezing and what research has shown regarding the health of children born through egg freezing.   Children […]

Can Egg Freezing affect my health?

Can egg freezing affect my health?   If you are considering preserving your fertility for a later date, you may be wondering “can egg freezing affect my health?”. In this article we talk about the risks involved with this medical procedure so you can make an informed decision.   Egg Freezing and Health As with […]

What is egg freezing and how does it work?

What is egg freezing and how does it work? Egg freezing is the retrieval and cryopreservation of female oocytes (egg cells). Cryopreservation means storing biological cells at a very low temperature to prevent them from degrading over time. There are several reasons that people may want to freeze their eggs, including for medical or social […]

The Jewish Faith and IVF

The Jewish Faith and IVF This article has been contributed to fertility clinic IVF London, by Fertility Counsellor, Nomy Cohen Infertility can be a very difficult and painful journey for any couple irrespective of their culture or ethnicity. Whatever the circumstances, fertility problem (if any) or outcome of treatment, the experience can have a huge […]

Fertility Preservation & Breast Cancer

Fertility Preservation & Breast Cancer Cancer Research UK identified over 55.000 cases of breast cancer per year, with a 78% survival rate. Although there is no particular cause for developing breast cancer, unhealthy lifestyle, excessive consumption of alcohol, family history of breast cancer, are some of the risk factors that can increase the chances of […]

Lifestyle & Nutrition: the solution for hormone-related infertility

Lifestyle & Nutrition: the solution for hormone-related infertility Hormones are special chemical messengers in our body. They are made by the endocrine glands and travel through the bloodstream to all organs and tissues telling them what to do. Our environment and lifestyle have a huge effect on our hormonal balance. In fact, lifestyle and dietary changes […]