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Positive Psychology and wellbeing coach

Sajel Bellon

Sajel Bellon is a Stress and Trauma Specialist and Mental Health Professional. As a professional speaker, she specializes in the sciences of well-being, human connection, positive transformation and growth for individuals and couples.

She has developed and delivered programs around the globe for a variety of post-secondary institutions and organizations, educating and inspiring others about the benefits of “Co- Creating Cultures that foster Psychological Safety and Connection”, “The Permission to be Human” and “Whole Systems Thinking for Extraordinary Change” in hopes of helping organizations and families re- define their approach to mental health and its stigma.

She is an expert in cultivating the space and conditions for enhancing work-life experiences and domestic relationships, using the sciences of Positive Psychology, Appreciative Inquiry, Positive Organizational Development and other modalities. Sajel has created a series of programs, talks and workshops on topics from Personal & Occupational Well-Being, Human Connection, Resiliency, and Rising from Trauma & Stress. Her hope is to assist couples navigate the IVF experience with ease and openness to better support their mental wellness, while enhancing the quality of their relationships and communication.

Her passion in working with IVF couples stems from her own personal experience with the emotional and physical aspects of this journey. She has a deep understanding of how couples can optimize their relationship and support through coaching and conversation to minimize the feelings of helplessness, frustration, isolation and anxiety that can often ensue during this kind of experience.

She offers individuals and couples insights into how to leverage their strengths and resources to meet their diverse needs throughout the process, while promoting mental wellness. She recognized this as a gap within the traditional approach to fertility treatment. Sajel hopes that more people will experience the multitude of benefits that this kind of additional support can offer during this time in their lives.Sajel offers coaching to IVF London patients via Skype.

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