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How to Choose an IVF Clinic?

How to Choose an IVF Clinic?

Embarking on parenthood can be a life-changing decision and having a baby is an incredible experience for all couples. However, many couples face the heartbreaking struggle of not being able to conceive naturally. For them, fertility clinics become a beacon of hope in their dream of becoming parents. With countless clinics offering promises of success, the journey to find the right one can be an overwhelming and emotional experience for those longing to hold their child in their arms.

Don’t worry we are here to help. In this blog, we will discuss all the important factors that couples need to take into consideration before they decide which IVF clinic is best suited for them. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing an IVF Clinic 

Here is a list of factors that hopeful couples should consider before visiting or confirming a fertility clinic for conception: 

  • Success Rates

This is a crucial thing that you need to consider before deciding on a fertility clinic that offers various services like IUI(intrauterine insemination), IVF(in-vitro fertilisation) and ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection). Fertility Clinics mention their success rates on their website. However, you must discuss these statistics in person with the fertility specialist. Understand the success rates of different procedures and what is the efficacy of each procedure for different age groups. 

  • Clinical Staff Experience 

An ideal fertility clinic will have a dedicated and specialised team having significant experience in fertility treatments. As the cost of these treatments is quite high, a professional and dedicated team is a must. The clinical staff includes doctors, counsellors, nurses, lab staff and financial advisors. You can visit the clinic and small personal interactions with the staff members can give you a better idea about the staff’s calibre.

  • Technologies Used

With significant advancements in medical sciences, the chances of conception have also risen significantly. Always look for a fertility clinic that uses the most advanced methods and equipment for conceiving. Laser Assisted Hatching, Blastocyst culture, Embryo scope, and Cryopreservation/Vitrification for Sperm are some of the modern methods that you can look forward to while deciding on the fertility clinic. 

  • Facilities Offered

Every medical institution should have high-class facilities so that patients and their loved ones do not have to suffer any discomfort in these trying times. The same goes for a fertility clinic, couples seek assistance from fertility clinics to get the most pleasure of being a mom, thus it should have the latest working facilities.


This is another important thing that you need to consider before opting for a fertility clinic. You should prepare your budget and then sort fertility clinics as per your finances. Having a proper budget in mind will give you clarity and help you to manage your finances better. 

  • Transparency in Procedures 

Another important factor in deciding which fertility clinic is best suited for you is ensuring that they are transparent in their functioning in terms of costs, methodologies as well as communication. Moreover, the clinic should inform you of all the potential risks that your body may face due to these complex procedures. 

Inclusive and LGBTQ Friendly 

Many members of the LGBTQ community face difficulties in conception, hence they seek the support of fertility clinics to conceive. Feeling welcome as a queer patient is a bare minimum. You would want to work with an institute that understands your unique needs and offers full support in these times. 


Infertility is a common problem and many couples are now trying different ways to solve their fertility issues. This blog has dealt with a comprehensive set of factors that you can look up to while deciding which fertility clinic is best for you. Overall a clinic which offers a welcoming environment offers modern solutions and treatment procedures and is empathetic towards the needs of hopeful parents is the one that you are looking for. 


  1.  What is the ideal time to opt for IVF treatment?

Couples who have been trying for more than 12 months and women who are less than 35 years of age. In case the woman is more than 35 years of age, couples who are not successful even after trying for more than 6 months should consult an IVF expert. 

2. What factors contribute to the highest success rates in IVF?

The factors that determine the success of IVF procedures are age, egg and embryo quality, sperm quality, embryo transfer, and lifestyle choices.3

      3. What is the typical number of IVF cycles recommended for most patients?

Women below the age of 35 years can go for 6 IVF cycles; women between the ages of 35-37 years should go for 5 cycles; women between the age group 38-40 should go for 4 cycles and women older than 40 years can go for maximum 2-3 IVF cycles. 


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