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Fertility coaching at IVF London

Fertility coaching at IVF London

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Emotional support is a very important aspect of your treatment plan at IVF London. Therefore, we offer fertility coaching to all our IVF patients to specifically help individuals with the emotional aspects of their treatment.


Sophia Baseotto, Fertility Coach and Reproductive Scientist explains more:

“When I meet people for the first time I lead with one question that generally takes them by surprise – when was the last time that you did something for the first time?

For the most part, everyone I meet struggles to answer this question. Why? Because we are on autopilot for most of our lives, we are creatures of habit and routine, operating unconsciously. It is only when you do something new, take a different path, learn a new skill, it is only then, that you experience growth.

Can you remember the last time someone asked you what was wrong? When you are feeling angry, stressed, anxious or worried, your whole body changes, your posture and your energy. The reality is that you have not even said a word to the other person, you don’t have to, the emotions you feel are powerful enough to affect your body and for others to see.

The human brain is powerful beyond our comprehension. At the unconscious level it is responsible for so many functions that we simply take for granted. Breathing, blood circulation, hormone regulation, sperm production, recruiting follicles to mature eggs, ovulation – multiple functions simultaneously and for the most part flawlessly.

Negative emotions that we feel routinely build up over time, if you have been trying to conceive for some time, or even have experienced a failed IVF cycle, these emotions of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, hopelessness and sadness are expected and completely normal. For male fertility issues, men can often feel ashamed, disempowered and emasculated.

Our health suffers as a consequence of our negative emotions. When they build up to certain level, we will see conditions starting to manifest in our bodies as a response. Stress levels build up like toxins in our body and then we often see conditions such as anxiety, ulcers, heart palpitations, high blood pressure, weight gain and increased infections, to name a few. The effects are as varied as the individuals that suffer the consequences.

Fertility coaching focuses on helping you to create a positive mindset through letting go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

Our bodies are extremely reactive to our emotions. Therefore it makes sense that when you are looking for optimal fertility outcomes, you have a good clear out of negative emotions, to give both your mind and body the best chance of success. Fertility coaching helps individuals to identify the thought and behaviour patterns and loops that may be holding them back.

In terms of your fertility treatment, no matter what happens you will be able handle the challenge and move forward with confidence.”


Sophia Baseotto has developed fertility coaching programmes to specifically assist patients with the emotional aspects of their IVF treatment. After speaking with over 5,500 clients, Sophia recognised that many people needed easy to use strategies to help them through a very difficult time emotionally.

Trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis; Sophia combines over 25 years of scientific experience across all areas of IVF and fertility treatments together with modern coaching techniques to provide patients with positive results and successful outcomes.


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