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How long can I store my frozen eggs for?

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How long can I store my frozen eggs for?

If you don’t want to get pregnant right now but might want in the future, egg freezing might be a solution. You must consider your age and how long you can store your frozen eggs for.


Egg Freezing Process

The process of egg freezing consists of egg cells being frozen at -196°C and maintained at that temperature for storage. This prevents the egg cells from degrading with time, meaning that they could theoretically be stored forever. However, there are regulations set by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) restricting the amount of time that eggs can be stored for.


How long can I store my eggs for?

When stored for social reasons, such as lack of partner, or choosing to postpone pregnancy, eggs can be kept in storage for up to 10 years. After this period, they must be discarded. The HFEA regulations allow eggs from people that suffer from premature infertility to be stored for up to 55 years. Your doctor or clinician will be able to tell you whether you are eligible for extended egg storage and advise you on what to do if you meet the necessary criteria.

Please note that these restrictions on egg freezing are made and enforced by the HFEA. They are not specific to IVF London. If you want to ask any questions about egg freezing and how long eggs can be stored for, get in touch with our specialists who will be happy to help you.

You can also meet the team at our free Egg Freezing Open Evening on the 20th February. Book your space here. 


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