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Are children from frozen eggs healthy?

Are children from frozen eggs healthy? If you are considering freezing your eggs and having children later in life, you may be wondering if children from frozen eggs are healthy. In this blog post we talk about egg freezing and what research has shown regarding the health of children born through egg freezing.   Children […]

Can Egg Freezing affect my health?

Can egg freezing affect my health?   If you are considering preserving your fertility for a later date, you may be wondering “can egg freezing affect my health?”. In this article we talk about the risks involved with this medical procedure so you can make an informed decision.   Egg Freezing and Health As with […]

Insight into egg freezing

Insight into egg freezing This article has been contributed by Consultant Embryologist, Alpesh Doshi for IVF London– a fertility clinic based in Elstree, London.   Egg freezing – the process of extracting, freezing and storing a supply of eggs for use in future fertility treatment, is no longer considered an experimental procedure. In fact, it […]