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How many eggs and cycles do I need?

How many eggs and cycles

How many eggs and cycles do I need when freezing my eggs?


When planning to freeze eggs, you must consider how many eggs and cycles you need. In this article we answer those questions, tell you what to expect and what is a good number of eggs to have frozen.


How many eggs do I need?

Ideally, we aim to collect 10-15 eggs for freezing as this increases the chances of a sufficient number of eggs surviving the freezing and thawing. On average, 85-90% of harvested eggs survive being frozen and thawed, with a global rate of 6% pregnancy per egg successfully thawed. Some people produce this many eggs in a single cycle, but for some others, fewer eggs are collected per cycle. As the number of eggs harvested per cycle varies between people, it is not possible to know how many cycles may be needed without running some tests.


How many cycles do I need?

Here at IVF London, to estimate how many eggs you have left, and how many will be produced in a cycle, we offer a Fertility Wellness Check (MOT). Included in this check is a blood test to measure your anti-Mullerian hormone. This hormone is responsible in the production of follicles, which contain immature egg cells, and the levels of the hormone in your blood are a good indicator of ovarian reserve (how many eggs you have left).

Another test included in the Fertility Wellness Check is an Antral Follicle Count Scan. During this test, a trans-vaginal scan is taken of your ovaries, to help us visualise the number of follicles and immature cells in each ovary. These tests are followed by a consultation in which we will discuss your results with you and use them to predict how many cycles you will need to obtain the recommended number of eggs for freezing.

If you are considering egg freezing, get in touch with IVF London. Our specialists will be able to answer your questions and support you all the way. You can also meet the team at our free Egg Freezing Open Evening on the 20th February. Book your space here. 

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