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Arati Rama Rao

Consultant Fertility Specialist

Dr Arati Rama Rao is a Senior Consultant with over 20 years of experience in Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Techniques and fetal medicine.

She completed her basic medical (MBBS) and specialty training in ObGyn (MD) in India, following this she received her Membership to the Royal College of ObGyn (MRCOG) and subsequently, the Fellowship (FRCOG) in 2012.

Working in and leading busy tertiary care fertility units in India has permitted her to help couples from all over the world. She practices by individualizing and personalizing treatment programs for the benefit of the prospective parents, whether it is guidance for future fertility options or starting a treatment plan today!

Her training in fetal medicine under Prof Nicolaides allows her to continue to monitor each precious baby during their journey to the outside world.

A firm belief in “doing the right thing” often takes her beyond the call of duty in providing evidence-based care with a holistic approach. Hundreds of happy parents and healthy babies are testament to this.

She currently practices at IVF London, a private boutique specialist Fertility clinic in North London.

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